by Bilyana Ilievska

So just now I accidentally hit refresh on my “Whisper of the Heart” divx download, and found myself with about an hour to kill. Anyways, heres what happens when you put all our faces together. I wont show you the parent images because I’m too lazy:
This is Deanna and Lee: Deanna, as a visual suggestion, a blonde five o’clocker miiiight be worth looking into.

Me and Ed: Holy Adorable, Ed, what are we going to do about this? It’d be a crime against man if this little sprite were never to know the pleasure of laying at our feet while we warm ourselves on the familial hearth. That brings me to:

Millar and Ian: the only picture of Evan on file is the one his mother gave to me after I gave her a warm stone massage and then we took a shower together. Bear with me folks, its from 1999, so the science is a little wonky to begin with.

Doyle and Max: Smouldering and composed.

What next? Add 8 parts friendship, 2 parts good time, a dash of laughs, and you’ve got this handsome fellow(?)!


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