Object Oriented Comedy

by Max Hartshorn

Call me crazy, but I recall a time when the steady, exponential progress of hard drive capacity had yet to reach its current position within the curvilinear trend. This observation may also be applied to the advancement of working memory capabilities, processor speeds and to a lesser extent, SRAM caches. What’s next, even greater volumes / speeds / throughput? Likely!

Were you aware that the web programming specification PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. The initial PHP in that acronym also stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, and so on and so forth in recursive fashion. The process can be captured procedurally in any basic programming paradigm, yet lacks a base case with which to terminate. The process will go on forever!

Database Management Systems (DBMSs) have far ranging applications, from everyday software, to highly specialized industry packages. They are utilized extensively across the world wide web, forming the essential component of most content management platforms. Did you ever notice this one facet however? Sometimes it’s as if the data is managing you!

Does anyone else find the syntax of Python hard to comprehend? Anybody?

A comprehensive requirements analysis is an important component of virtually any software development model. It’s a challenge to the audience to identify an engineering resource that overlooks this necessity. But often this step is not given the proper rigor and attention it deserves, mostly to the detriment of the final product itself. It’s just common sense people!

I just rendered a sphere and boy are my arms tired!

Is this thing on? No? It’s broken? Can I fix it? I’ll try, it’s not really my area of expertise but we’ll have a look at it after my set, I’m almost done. Speaking of sets I was watching a colleague of mine do a set in over in Akron a while back. Towards the end he started rehashing some of the jokes he already told. I reminded him that the mathematical definition of a set is a collection of distinct objects, no repeats. Get some new material jackass!

File photo of Max Hartshorn, the Object Oriented Comic enjoying a 'sipper' on a sunny afternoon

File photo of Max Hartshorn, the Object Oriented Comic, enjoying a 'sipper' on a sunny afternoon


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