Statements More Simply Conveyed By Growing A Soul Patch

Compiled by Soul Patch Adams

Soul Patch Adams

-“Be cool – Z-Bone is here.”

-“You know, I got pot if you need it… most of the time.”

-“…to the extreme.”

-“The best thing about lofts, though, is that they really free up your head space to do some serious thinking.”

-“See, I just pull the ripcord here, and this little scooter gets motorized.”

-“You ever heard of RJD2?”

-“Yeah, I sorta got my own place above my ‘rents’… it’s got its own staircase – you don’t even need to talk to ’em.”

-“The thing is that my art, you know, it’s really all about what’s up in here (points to head). Putting it out there… (points to room full of strangers) …it just sorta cheapens it, you know?”

-“(raises hand) But why did Hamlet even BOTHER to put on the play? Seems like he just should’ve… (makes eyes at attractive girl sitting in front of him) …taken charge of the situation.”

-“My desert island CD? My guitar.


2 responses to “Statements More Simply Conveyed By Growing A Soul Patch

  1. Also…

    Denise, Adam and the Kids invite you to celebrate Adam’s ‘Nifty Fifty’! Come on out everyone (if you dare!) because we are going sky-diving just outside Bellamy County, followed by surf ‘n’ turf and wistful discussions about what our lives would be like if we all bought motorcycles.

    RSVP ASAP– Best Wishes and Imported Beer Only!”

  2. Cool site, love the info.

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