Canadian Ambassador to Homorocco Dismissed for Inappropriate Slur

Scandal erupted at a conference on global trade last week when the Canadian envoy verbally assaulted the economic minister of Homorocco. Amid a heated exchange on offshore fishing rights, the Canadian representative – himself the ambassador to the tiny, clean nation of Homorocco – referred to his host with an off-colour epithet.

Publishing statutes prevent the reprinting of the word here, but witnesses describe the slur as “a play on words on [the minister’s] adjectival nationality”, “deeply offensive to the tender Homoroccan sensibility”, and “a total burn”, prompting more than one conference attendee to audibly slap their index finger into a nook formed between their thumb and middle finger, or even shout “whoop whoop”.

At the time of the exchange, the moderator of the conference, the UN Special Secretary on Aid and Development, was warning the ambassador to “not go there”, but his warning was too late – witnesses later verified that the ambassador had, in fact, already gone there.

The invocation of the epithet resulted in widespread confusion and insecurity in Homorocco. In a public consciousness already made sensitive by years of repression by the recently-ousted Gaiwhad party, slanders from the outside world resonate profoundly in Homoroccan society.

To ease public unrest, the Homoroccan administration offered a rushed rebuttal the next day. By most accounts, the rebuttal was launched more out of resentment and self-defense than any attempt at reconciliation. Centered around the phrase “Manadian Buttbassador”, the rebuttal was interrupted by journalists’ requests for clarification as to the exact meaning and intent of the rebuttal. The Homoroccan administration’s press attaché stormed out of the event in a huff, issuing a second, more polished retort some hours later.

The second retort was seen as a more intellectual attempt to express displeasure and offence at the Canadian ambassador’s remarks. However, it failed to quell the sense that the Homoroccan government and nation failed to deflect the full brunt of the belittling. It has also been deemed not interesting enough to warrant reprinting here.

The Canadian ambassador has declined to comment or apologize, opting instead to “go nail some broads”.


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