NEWS: SNL cut-ups doing Spidey comic book

His funny sense is tingling! (Sorry.)

Earlier today, MTV reported that SNL stars Seth Meyers and Bill Hader are writing a one-shot Spider-man comic for Marvel. Carrying the title Spider-man: The Short Halloween (a riff on Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Batman/Two-Face epic The Long Halloween), Meyers and Hader apparently landed the opportunity quite by chance at a Marvel Holiday party. Apparently the story follows a Spidey impersonator who is mistaken for the genuine article on his way to a Halloween party, a premise which itself seems to carry enough comedic potential. The book will hit shelves May 13, and features art of Kevin Maguire, best know for his work on DC’s Justice League books in the 1980s.

The announcement marks yet another step out of SNL purgatory for Hader, who after memorable performances in Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the recent Adventureland, is quickly distinguishing himself as one of the program’s premier comedic talents.

For the full story and a 10-page preview of Meyers and Hader’s Spider-Man: The Short Halloween, check out MTV’s Splash Page.


3 responses to “NEWS: SNL cut-ups doing Spidey comic book

  1. For more comedians-doing-comics, check out Patton Oswalt’s JLA one-off from a few years ago. Good stuff.

  2. did anyone read the Kevin Smith/Walt Flanagan Batman run last fall? Doyle? anyone? any good?

  3. I haven’t read it, no. Are you reading Scott Pilgrim? Soooo good.

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