NEWS: Michael Ian Black gets interviewed by Twitter

ReaperIn an effort to promote his forthcoming television series, Michael Ian Black held a press conference yesterday, over Twitter. Twitter interviews will soon become the most popular way for comedians to make the best of convenient new technologies while still probably being entirely ironic about everything.  Over the course of an hour, the guy answered about forty questions, though I’m not very good at counting so that number might be inaccurate.

Here are some:

@prylm “first thought when you wake?” Whose finger is that?

@mikeclauss “Who has more issues, Michael or Michael?” Michael

@russellfangirl “what gets blood stains out” Anti-blood.

@JennLS1979 “why are you so awesome?” Multi-vitamins.

@leighdillon “can you cry underwater?” You can certainly feel like crying.

@oggles “how would you go about robbing someone?” The standard way: go up to them, say “Are those your shoes?” then punch them in face.

@epicac2 “ANSWER MY FUCKING QUESTIONS! ! !” Write better questions!

@SaraLibbey “”Is this you or r you just impersonating someone trying to be funny?” If you think I’m funny, it’s me. If not, it’s not.

Yes. The rest can be found on MIB’s twitter page. I think we might be stretching it right now, trying to find interesting “comedy news” to “blog” on our “internet”, but Twitter is hilarious, and so is Michael Ian Black, kind of.

The show he is promoting is called Michael and Michael Have Issues, and its a collaboration with long-time friend and fellow man Michael Showalter, where the two will write sketches and then pretend to be mad at each other. Michael and Michael Have Issues is supposed to be loosely structured around sketches, but will also feature lots of those behind the scenes type fake yelling actors-as-themselves-as-assholes scenes that have been made popular by websites like Funny or Die and Judd Apatow special features. There is nothing on youtube so I can’t figure out how to easily embed any clips but there are a couple up for perusal on the show’s website. It is schedueled to air on Comedy Central in July. Wa-Pow!


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