See Ya Later, Big Guy

Pizza the Hutt is dead. It’s a sad day for comedy indeed. This is 100% serious. Honest. Dom Deluise was awesome. Check out all the voices he did for amazing Disney and WB animated movies in the ’90s on his Wikipedia page. You may not know it, but you’ve laughed at/with Dom before.

And you’ve definitely laughed at Cannonball Run, right? If you grew up with TBS on your TV then you’ve seen this movie 80 times. They don’t make movies like this anymore, and they don’t make big loveable hunks of humour like Deluise anymore either. Or John Candy. Why doesn’t Hollywood have a current Candy/Deluise? Seriously, can anybody think of one? And don’t say Horatio Sanz or Michael Moore. Maybe in 20 years Jonah Hill can take this over.

Here’s a music video some Youtuber put together. If you put it on mute and turn on Green Day’s “Time Of Your Life”, it’ll make you weep. Share your favourite Deluisian memories in the comments.


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