NEWS: The Goods red band trailer

goods_the_don_ready_story01So I happened upon the red band trailer for the forthcoming Jeremy Piven vehicle The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard and it seems like it could be pretty funny. Due August 14th and distributed by Paramount Vantage (another major studio in indie-drag label), The Goods stars Piven as used car liquidation whiz and proud American Don Ready. The trailer kind of has a Will Ferrell vibe–sort of an edgier take on his whole cheeky goofball hooray-for-America shtick. There’s little doubt that Piven can be funny, or at least a funny enough stand-in for the half-soused irascible prick in all of us.

But there’s still the question of whether or not he can carry a comedy. The last time he headlined one (to my recollection anyways) was 1994’s PCU, a pretty spot-on take on the mid-90s cultural sensitivity of college campuses. But The Goods presents Piven’s first real shot since Entourage brought him out of bit-part obscurity (that’s good), while also making “hugging it out” a thing (that’s bad). Whether or not he can single-handedly buoy the film doesn’t really seem to matter though, since Piven will be helped along by a bunch of bona fide funnies like Ken Jeong (great in Role Models and The Hangover), Rob Riggle, Ed Helms, Tony Hale and, most promisingly, Ving Rhames, who if he can channel anything of his “….C’mon, now let’s go look at hookers” Bringing Out the Dead performance, should be reason enough to see this film. What’s more, The Goods is helmed by some relative newcomers in director Neal Brennan (who worked on Chappelle’s Show) and greenhorn feature-length scribes Andy Stock and Rick Stempson. While these guys are all fairly untested, it’s nice to see American studio comedy embracing talent outside of the Apatow/McKay/Phillips gene pool.

But enough of my yakkin’, here’s the trailer:


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