Terminal Laughter Webcast Issue #1

You'll go ape, so to speak, for TL's new comedycast!

You'll go ape, so to speak, for TL's new comedycast!

Recorded live in our state of the art Ha-ha-bratory, the Terminal Laughter Webcast represents the cutting edge in Online Joke Delivery System Technology (OJDS Tech). Using wires, microphones, the Internet, Whoopie-brand flatulence simulation cushions and MP3 audio technology–offering compression that accommodates the maximal Joke Per Second (JPS) and Laugh Per Joke (LPJ) ratios–Terminal Laughter is now able to download humour directly onto your flashdrive or Zune.

The TL Webcast offers everything you love about Terminal Laughter, in easily-downloadable audio form! Get ready to hear all your favourites, including…

  • Jokes about recently deceased celebrities
  • Fart of the Week
  • The wry back-and-forthisms of Frank and Beanz
  • ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: “How to use comedy as a crutch”
  • A hilarious visit from the improvisational comedy duo the Malleables
  • Tips on how to guarantee twenty extra yards on your drives
  • KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE SEMINAR: When is it appropriate to use the word “Chinaman”?
  • Selections from our file of drunk, cynical e-mails to ex-girlfriends saved in our Drafts folder
  • HOW TO: Execute a joke in the “Knock, Knock” style
  • And PUNS, PUNS, PUNS!!!

So set your volume to high-larious and enjoy the inaugural Terminal Laughter Webcast. Check it out HERE.


3 responses to “Terminal Laughter Webcast Issue #1

  1. ZUNE users unite! wheres the unreleased volume two beta?

  2. ps divshare is a pain in teh ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 use sharebee

  3. “… and go see THIS MOVIE!”

    Hahah. I can’t fucking handle it, I just vommed all over myself. Way better than my podcast!

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