ATTN: Local Residents

ATTN: All Residing In and About the Intersection of Euclid and Bloor, Toronto ON

FROM: John Semley, Chief Scout in Charge of Locations, PUNNY TALKS PRODUCTIONS LTD.

RE: Taping for upcoming season of CTV’s POKERFACE

Dated: 07/29/2009

Attn: Residents,

This is just a friendly notice that your neighbourhood is being used as a filming location for the upcoming season of the CTV’s new crime drama POKERFACE. Filming will be taking place in the surrounding of the intersections of Bloor St. and Euclid Ave, from approx. 07/31/2009-08/06/2009 including filming in local Korean Yum-E BBQ restos. While we, the producers, apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, we invite you to come out and enjoy the filming of POKERFACE.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)


In cognito ergo sum: Yannick Bison goes under deep cover in POKERFACE

POKERFACE (all caps) is the new crime drama set to air on the CTV this fall season. Starring veteran Canadian actor Yannick Bison, POKERFACE follows the adventures of Bill “Pokerface” Bilodeau, a former World Poker Tour champ turned professional lie detector. It’s like David Simon meets a poker game. Using the skills he acquired at the card table, Pokerface has left the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas showroom to pursue his first love: law enforcement. And his second love: a woman. When Canada’s most dangerous crooks try to pull a fast one on the boys in blue, the Bluff Springs Police Department have an ace up their sleeve: POKERFACE!

Just what exactly are Detective Pokerface’s powers?

As a professional card sharp, Pokerface is able to identify “tells” (a subtle change in behaviour) in criminal suspects. Sgt. Pokerface is more of a free agent, or “wild card”, working in tandem with the police to gauge the veracity of sworn statements, confessions, tip-offs and any other information that may prove useful in the apprehension of robbers, knaves, shysters and sundry other felons. As a professional card sharp, Pokerface also has access to the city’s largest array of costumes, and thus proves invaluable as an undercover agent. Yes Pokerface is a true chameleon, as he dons all manner of hat, goatee and sunglass combinations in order to infiltrate the seediest bad seeds of the city’s criminal element. As a professional card sharp, he also possesses the gift of gab, able to “psyche out” suspects into confessing. Even when they are innocent! In short: Pokerface sees your regular Tuesday night programming as raises you INTRIGUE!

This sounds a lot like that new Tim Roth show on Fox.

Good question. Though two of a kind in several mostly superficial ways, there are some similarities. Fox’s Lie to Me stars Tim Roth as a professional human lie detector (not a thing), where POKERFACE stars Mr. Bison as a professional human poker player (a thing). Where Lie to Me relies heavily on the pseudoscience of microexpressions and body language—themselves derived from eugenics—POKERFACE draws inspiration only from the discipline of Texas Hold ‘Em poker playing, giving it a level of stark, often macabre, realism that ups the ante of what you’ve come to expect from primetime criminal drama.

Hmmm…sounds pretty neat. But what else can I expect to see on this CTV show POKERFACE?

Besides taught crime-based suspense, POKERFACE also offers a good deal of wry humour. Lt. Pokerface sees the world through the lens of a cynic, often approaching situations with a trademark caustic wit. As a result, Pokerface often goes head-to-head with his puritanical partner, Chase T. Loman (Callum Keith Rennie*, in his first turn as the straight man) and an aging mentor played by the venerable Gordon Pinsent (Due South, Power Play). Also, see Pokerface play card to get with the city’s most eligible bachelorettes as he pulls double-duty as a practised ladiesman proficient in the venereal arts of seduction and love-makery. But what about the one who got away, local Bluff Springs kindergarten teacher and high school sweetheart Molly DeMure (Mia Kirshner)? Will Pokerface learn that love’s the game with the highest stakes of all? Tune in to find out!

Well I’m convinced. But my friend here still isn’t sold. Can we have one final pitch?

Sure. POKERFACE! The CTV’s new Tuesday night crime program! Catch all the terse procedural action on POKERFACE! STRAIGHT drama! FLUSH with suspense! A FULL HOUSE of entertainment! POKERFACE! The man who can catch a tell from two districts over! gives POKERFACE “two aces in the pocket! A slam dunk!” POKERFACE!

So stop by our crafts service table in your neighbourhood for a piping hot coffee and muffin and catch all the excitement of a real-live television filming. And don’t forget to catch POKERFACE! Coming to a Tuesday night near you! This fall on the CTV!

*Please refrain from looking Callum Keith Rennie in the eye.


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