Terminal Laughter Webcast Thingy II

entranceLook out below! Terminal Laughter field tripped all the way up to historic Sudbury, Ontario for our second internet audio-cast, broadcasting to you live-on-tape from the bottom of an abandoned mineshaft. Who know’s what’ll go down when Ed, John and Matt go INCOgnito, following in the steel-toed shoesteps of other comedian/miners such as Mike Bullard, and head waaaaaaaay down, three miles underground to mine the possibilities of performing comedy in a mineshaft.

Who knows what will happen when the boys get deep into the core of mineshaft humour? Funny voices? Swearing? Smoking? Matt dooming them forever to the mercy of fate? Puns?

Download or stream this precious comedy mineral right now to find out!



One response to “Terminal Laughter Webcast Thingy II

  1. “where the true playas at?”

    looks like they at Terminal Laugher, big poppa


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