Excerpts from The Very Scary Joke Boo!k

skeleton-bones-clipartWhy was the mummy a bad business partner?  Too many pyramid schemes!

Why does the witch like Rice Krispies?  They go Snap, Cackle and Pop!

Why’d the vampire get sent to the nut house?  He was batty!

Did you hear about the zombie’s new girlfriend?  He finds her very a-peel-ing!

Why did the ghost object to the company’s unethical practices?  Because he was a scareholder!

When did the ghost lose all his money?  The Shock Market Crash of 1929!

Why did the skeleton stop hanging out with his sarcastic friends?  They kept ribbing him too much!

Why do vampires make poor poker players?  Their fear starts to show when the stakes are high!

Why did the Goobly Gobblie have to resign from his mayoral position?  He was convicted of gross misconduct!

Why was the mummy so ashamed of his daughter?  She was a stripper!


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