Best of the Blogohedron: Annie’s TTY About Comps

Every once and awhile Terminal Laughter likes to look outward at the blogohedron and give exposure to some of our favourite bloggies on the Webb. TL is proud to present, the latest post from the tech blog, ANNIE SOUPLEY’S TTY-ABOUT-COMPUTER-TALK!

Blogging since: 2008

Age: 57

Sex: Female

Location: Dundas, Ontario (Would prefer if Bloggergash company would use real internet lingo “a/s/l” instead of these outdated full words. Oh well… Bloggarz can’t be chooserz!”

Oct 21st, 2009

Annie here, fellow comp lovers!

I return to you after a long absence from blogging. Why would I do that to you you ask? Well thanks for asking!!!!

Unfortunately, Annie has been having some trouble with her internet connection modem. I’ve been puttering around the house all week, twiddling my thumbs and (hmmmm) annoying my hubby! Randy usually gets to say “Tell it to the blog!” when I want to talk about my favourite computer tips, but not this week, honey. The whole week I had been wondering what my readers would do in a situation with no internet. With that in mind, I crafted together the Top Tips for How to Survive a Week Without Web! Without further ado…

Top Tips for How to Survive a Webless Week!

1. Read old emails.

– You may wonder how this is possible without a blinking modem, but if you are a true computer tech junkie like me, then you should always print out every email you receive. Randy gets to have his Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition shelf in our den, and so I get to also have my own shelf for emails. They’re all in nice binders with labels that I printed on my Hyatt brand label-maker. If I ever want to laugh I just open up the “Janice’s Funny Forwards” binder and just chuckle away! Randy makes me leave the room if he’s trying to watch UFC though. Battle of the sexes never ends! Here’s a good one: What do men and beer bottles have in common? They’re both empty from the neck up! Thanks Janice! Laugh out loud!

2. Keep a modem diary so you are prepared for your tech support man. I bought a nice artsy fartsy notepad with a bunch of moons and flowers on it at the dollar store and I jot down my modem notes every few hours. This is how I know my signal is being zapped by someone else. Because my modem is older, it is able to have its signal zapped away by a newer modem. There is a new family of Indians who moved in next door and I think they’re rich and you know how people from that side of the world are about technology so I bet they have a really nice modem in their house. I can’t blame them for zapping my signal, but I do need to know these facts to tell my tech support man.

3. Network all your house computers so you can create a “mininet” internet in your very own home! I get Randy to go sit on the den computer while I sit up in our bedroom and we both have a good funny chat on the MSN using the network, not the internet! Awww, Randy is still so loving after all these years. Hope I’m not making my readers too jealous! The mininet is a great idea for couples. I have one HP laptop and one Dell clone computer in my house. Thankfully they both run on Windows Microsoft programs though and so I can easily send whatever files I want to my other computer. Warning: It is important to know what your computers “run” on because Microsoft and Macintosh computers do not talk to each other. No matter what, these computers will talk not talk to each other. They do not like each other.

4. Treat your computer like you would your body. Anytime I feel my glands starting to swell up, I take two thousand mgs of vitamin C and a handful of zinc tablets. It can’t hurt you. All you do is pee it up. Same thing with computer. If you feel like it’s swelling up a bit and chugging along slowly with panks and cricks everytime you click your mouse’s button then give it a bunch of vitamins by downloading a new trial version of an anti-virus program. Find one by going to the Google site and typing the words you are looking for in the little box. Comp lover tip: At the next page, click any of the results that aren’t the first or second because those ones are ads. You can also try holding down the power button for 5 minutes which gives it what we comp lovers call a HARD reset.



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