Are you tired of the same old borgasm day in day out? 7 seconds in penis-heaven not quite cuttin’ it? What if I told you that in 5 minutes you could double, triple, quadruple the length and intensity of your orgasm? What if I said that with a few weeks practice, you could be coming for hours, even days?

Got you’re attention huh. Here’s another thing I’ve got: Mangasm™.

Huh? What’s he talking about? Where am I? What?

Mangasm™ is not a drug! It’s not a tube OR pump! What I’ve got here are a few simple techniques (and one ancient secret ;)) that anyone can master. It’s natural, fun and GUARANTEED to lift you to knew heights of manly pleasure.

Here’s the deal. I used to be an ordinary Joe Boner™ like yourself. Then one day I lost my job, had my car explode, and my girlfriend left me for a rock star! Things were looking pretty bleak. Then I discovered a way to have over 9 orgasms in sequence. Who’s laughing now?

Ha! Me that’s who!

Go on try it. You know what I’m talking about. Do it right now, I’ll wait. Show me watcha got. Come on now, don’t be shy, I’m not actually watching you….

…oh you’re finished? You had to stop everything you were doing just for that? Yawn! I can teach you how to Multi-Task-Gasm™. I can even show you how to do two orgasms at once!

Fuck, I’m gasming even as I write this. In fact I spend over 23% of my day in orgasm, and you can too! My ebook and accompanying Blu-Ray DVD have brought literally 1000s of men to Mangasm™.

Yeah that’s right, I said Blu-Ray DVD. When you enroll in Mangasm University™ you get the real deal. Learn the secrets about the male orgasm “big-condom” doesn’t want you to hear. Learn techniques you never even thought of, plus one ancient secret that will BLOW YOUR……………MIND 😉

FACT: The average male orgasm lasts for 6.8 seconds. (Hey I’ve had farts longer than that! thbthbhthbththbbbththbth)

SUPPOSITION: The prostate…not the penis…is the most erogenous zone in the body.

HEARSAY: The longest orgasm ever recorded lasted 86 years, 3 months and 2 days. It was passed down over 3 generations from father to son to grandson and produced enough “substance” to germinate an entire Assyrian Horde™.

(Well if that’s the stuff they give away for free imagine what you get when you pay!)

I’ll tell you what you get. You get over 16 hours of devilishly novel content. You get “boot camp style” personalized instruction to help you overcome your fears, identify your Pleasure Portfolio™, and craft your very own YOURNAMEHERE-GASM EXPERIENCE™.

And best of all you get complete hands-on access to the forums where you can share your newfound knowledge and glory with fellow Mangasmonauts™.

Come join the Man-Revolution-Gasm™!

Push yourself to new limits of pleasure!

Experience the zen-like™ power of one!


“Dear Mangasm,

Hi, my name is Andy, I’m 22 years old, and when it comes to gasming I used to be hopeless, helpless and clueless. I would experience nothing but failure. All the right things you’re supposed to do, I naturally did the exact opposite. I was the ultimate loser/wussy and I’d only had 1 orgasm when I was 18 and it lasted for about 6 seconds. Since I came across Mangasm a couple months ago, my life has been gradually changing in the most amazing ways so powerfully and almost supernaturally that it feels like I’m Steve Erckle transforming into Brad Pitt. I feel like I’m finally beginning to understand my true potential and it’s both fun and a little scary.

If you wanna learn how to build beautiful orgasms with the power of your own mind then I heartily recommend enrolling in Mangasm University ;)”

J.D. Sacramento, CA

“Big meeting with the Lerhman account last Thursday, we’re talking make or break here. Not just the execs either, they sent their lawyers, accountants, fuck there was even a guy from HR. I didn’t play any funny stuff, no gimmicks, just straight up grade-A bullshit start to finish. When I knew I had them I pulled out the big fat contract, they pulled out a big fat check. Christ you should’ve seen the look on Jim’s face, he could have blown his load right there. Little did they know I was already blowing my load, and had been for the past 6 hours. Your techniques gave me the confidence I needed to keep my cool, stay focused and get the job done.

Hears to you MG.”

T.Q. Chicago, IL

“Congratulations Mangasm for all the success you’ve been having. You’ve earned it!”

G.R. Victoria, BC

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