May 14, 2009


scheer2In the better part of the last decade, Paul Scheer has gone from being a live improv comedian with the New York-based troupes UCB Theater and Chicago City Limits to a successful film and television actor. One third of the brains and face behind the hit MTV sketch comedy show Human Giant, Scheer quickly became a household name in the comedy world, and was named one of the nation’s top comics by Variety magazine and Alternative Press.

April 29, 2009

Christian Lander, author of STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE

christian-lander-photo-credit-jess-landerWhen Christian Lander began indexing the cultural quirks of white people on his blog Stuff White People Like, he imagined it as little more than an inside joke. Cataloging a range of white person curiosities—from hummus, to the Onion, HBO’s The Wire and appearing to enjoy classical music—the popularity of Lander’s project quickly snowballed. By […]

April 23, 2009


toddbarry2With a bunch of voice acting credits on Home Movies, Tom Goes to the Mayor, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Dr Katz: Professional Therapist, you’re probably familiar with Todd Barry’s trademark dusty drawl. But having reared his head with increasing frequency in mega-hit shows and movies such as Flight of the Conchords (as the compulsively […]

April 14, 2009

Uwe Boll

uweboll2“A game where you can use cats as silencers is funny.”-Dr. Uwe Boll

April 5, 2009

Magnifico, Balkan Desperado Loves his Wife

magnifico_coverTurbofolk sensation Magnifico through some twist of fate hails from the same saturnine city that brought you popular musical groups “Laibach” and “Slavoj Zizek”. Ljubljana, which means “Mountain-scowl” in Slovenian is known for its world class sausage links, soccer, and frenetic turbofolk, thanks to one man. Famous for his provocative music videos and balls to […]

March 29, 2009


tommywisTommy Wiseau is an independent American film-maker. In the last few years he’s become slightly famous (or really internet famous) for his movie “The Room”, which he conceived, scripted, directed, produced and starred in. The movie was entirely self funded, and the figure that gets tossed around online is that upwards of 6 million dollars […]

November 3, 2007


lipsyteA few weeks ago we were lucky enough to interview Sam Lipsyte over e-mail. Lipsyte is a writer based in New York City and a professor of creative writing at Columbia University. His work has appeared in McSweeneys, the Believer and various collections of contemporary short fiction. He already has two novels under his belt […]


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