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Stephen J Cannell: The Game!

NOTE: The following is taken from the instruction manual for  “Stephen J Cannell: The Game”, by Milton Bradley, recently discovered in the Terminal Laughter vaults.  While the original was a board game with a VHS content component, we have, for your viewing pleasure, located online copies of clips featured in the game.

Like TV? Love TV? Think you can be the next Stephen J Cannell? Here’s your chance to prove it! Stephen J Cannell: The Game gives you the chance to come up with pilot ideas just like the master himself! Continue reading


GREAT LAUGHS: Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage (American actor/carbon-based life form)

By: John Semley

A tender, vulnerable, Moonstruck-era Nic Cage. Handsome for a man.

A tender, vulnerable, Moonstruck-era Nic Cage. Handsome for a man.

I think it was probably somewhere around the time I heard that he’d be strapping on the flaming chains to play skeletal vigilante Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider that I really got into Nicolas Cage. Of course, as a younger man I’d always liked his films. Coming in just as Cage was making his uncomfortable action hero turn in the late 90s, I remember watching The Rock, Con Air and Face/Off with a zeal that had hitherto been reserved for Jurassic Park, Robocop and Terminator 2 (great films all, but crucially lacking the Cage factor). It was enough to get me to tune into Honeymoon in Vegas when it used to air, pretty much constantly, on TBS.

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