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From “The Marvel Monthly,” Newsletter of The Magicians and Spellbinders Local 319

Amateur Magician, Father Disappears

By Walter Wynn, Staff Reporter/Apprentice Diabolist

Amazing news out of Cobourg, Ontario this month, fellow illusionists! In a feat of hocus-pocus derring-do, area father and journeyman magician Dave O’Brien vanished from the living room of his Walnut Lane bungalow. According to reports from the audience in attendance, the 46-year-old Cobourg diviner disappeared, as if into thin air, leaving his family of three astounded and without a chief breadwinner. Continue reading


Kids, Sit Down

dad_sitting_smallKids, sit down.  Okay, we’re all here?  Gary?  Lindsay?  Gary?  Sorry again about the name, second Gary – totally slipped my mind.  Well, you keep saving up that allowance, and you can make it whatever you want!  Yup!  …no, not Pikachu.  They don’t let you name yourself Pikachu.  That’s just a rule, I don’t know.

Anyways, anyways!  Kids, me and your mother have something to tell you.  I- Yes, I know your mother isn’t here.  Well, she was busy – she had to pick up the kids from soccer practice or something.  …good point, Lindsay.  I guess I don’t actually know where she is.  But I ran this by her yesterday, and she agreed, so if you please?

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