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Are you tired of the same old borgasm day in day out? 7 seconds in penis-heaven not quite cuttin’ it? What if I told you that in 5 minutes you could double, triple, quadruple the length and intensity of your orgasm? What if I said that with a few weeks practice, you could be coming for hours, even days?

Got you’re attention huh. Here’s another thing I’ve got: Mangasm™.

Huh? What’s he talking about? Where am I? What?

Mangasm™ is not a drug! It’s not a tube OR pump! What I’ve got here are a few simple techniques (and one ancient secret ;)) that anyone can master. It’s natural, fun and GUARANTEED to lift you to knew heights of manly pleasure.

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To the lady it may concern:

If you are reading this, you have most likely locked yourself in my bathroom. I apologize for not saying the following to you personally, but this sort of situation happens often enough that my neighbours have complained about the noise of me talking through the door. Hopefully, this pamphlet will answer the questions you likely have and encourage you to come out of the bathroom.

First, I told you plain and simple: “I have a homunculus.” You didn’t have to stick around after that. I’m kind of surprised you did. What the hell went through your mind? Why the hell would I say that if I didn’t really have one? It’s certainly not funny. It’s a fucking weird thing to joke about. Continue reading